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 Energy HealingLiving Well Sessions

Living Well Energy Healing is based on the philosophy that each one of us is on a Journey, and no one is expected to walk the path alone. Every Living Well session starts with a Holistic Life Consult, followed by the option of choosing Angel cards if desired. The session then is followed by whichever session type you pick: Energy Healing, Raindrop Technique, Spiritual Raindrop, or Emotional Release. Jennifer provides support and mentorship throughout your Journey, leading towards Balance, Wholeness, and Healing with the Intent of Living Well.


If we were created once, we can be re-created, either back to the state of health we once had, or to a state of health we may never have had in this lifetime but that we know is possible because other human beings exhibit it. This is the power of Energy Healing. ~ Debra Lynne Katz

Living Well Locations

Jennifer has office locations in New Ulm, Mankato and Cokato (West of the Twin Cities), with her schedule varying each week.
Contact Jennifer to find a date and location that fits your needs best.

 Living Well Pricing and Information:


Energy Healing: Using a combination of Healing Touch and Reiki – hands-on and hands-off healing techniques – Jennifer taps into your Energy Field providing clearing of negativity and providing you with Love & Light. Jennifer also receives intuitive messages during her healing work and will share those messages with you after. Total session time is approximately 60 minutes
$60/hr (some sessions are 2 hrs depending on client's needs and desires)– This session choice is open to sliding fee, with suggested donation of $60, but Jennifer does not believe that money should ever prevent a person from receiving the healing they are in need of. If this needs to be discussed, please feel comfortable talking to Jennifer about the sliding fee option

Emotional Release: This session uses the Young Living Essential Oils from the Feelings Kit, such as: Release oil, Forgiveness oil, Harmony oil, Inner Child oil, and Present Time oil
A combination of Healing Touch, Reiki and processing emotions through guided dialogue are used – see more info on side link. Session time varies for each client, but is typically between 60-90 minutes

Raindrop Technique: This session is approximately 90 minutes long and also incorporates Energy Healing into the session in addition to the intuitive messages. A total of 9 oils are dropped onto the feet and back. See additional info below and on side link.

Raindrop/Energy Healing for Kids: Raindrop Technique and Energy Healing are excellent to help kids prepare their immune systems so they can stay healthy and strong! Especially great for kids with allergies or asthma. About 30 minutes per session time and adult must be present

Spiritual Raindrop: Uses a similar application process as the regular Raindrop – also approximately 90 minutes, but uses the oils mentioned in Biblical Scripture and is a very holy anointing process. See more info below and on side link $90

Home Organization & Blessing: Jennifer shares her passion and love for organization with her clients by offering home sessions where she assists you in organizing any room or area of your life. If desired, each session ends with a House Blessing and Energy Clearing. For more information Click Here
$45 plus mileage

Holistic Consult + Angel Card reading ONLY is also an option without the Energy Healing.

Angel Card readings are also available through e-mail for $20

Referral bonus:Receive 25% off a Raindrop Session if a referral books a session!
If you and a friend want to book Raindrop sessions together, you each receive 25% off!
(sessions do not need to be on the same day)

Gift Certificates are Available!

A Living Well Session Consists Of:

Holistic Life Consulting: Jennifer follows a Living Well plan that she created as an outline for each Holistic Life Consulting session, focusing on your desired goals, intentions and manifestations. The conversation is Guided by whatever Energy is brought to the discussion, providing us direction and vision. Your consulting session will end with some action steps and goals of your choice to take with you, but not enforced to complete. You are in charge of the direction you desire to take in each session and in between sessions. Jennifer is simply your mentor to walk along side you, offering you support on your Journey to Living Well.

Jennifer is also highly skilled and passionate about Life Organizational Systems and Skills, so therefore provides her clients the opportunity for assistance in those areas. This entails hands-on training and support in whatever area of your life you desire further organization – your home, your office, your finances, your health goals, etc. Jennifer is able to meet you in your home and provide hands-on assistance, or can also meet you in whatever setting you are most comfortable in. Jennifer believes strongly that when we live in an environment that is organized and balanced, we become a more balanced human being and spirit!

Angel Card Reading: With your focus and intention on the area of your life you desire direction, along with our combined Energy, you will choose 3 different Angel Cards from 3 different deck of cards. These cards create a message for you at that particular time in your life, and can serve as a Guide to your Holistic Life Consulting and/or Energy Healing session.

Followed by Your Choice of:

Energy Healing
Emotional Release
Raindrop Technique
Spiritual Raindrop



Email Jennifer to schedule your Living Well session today!

You are AWESOME!!!! Thanks so much for the Distant Living Well session today. I feel like I have a new energy, I can't explain it. I already began implementing your Living Well suggestions into my life today and am feeling great!

My energy healing session was such a positive experience!! YOU ARE AMAZING!! It gave me a new found energy. Your insight was right on, and I appreciate the compassion and healing you provided. Thank you!

Thank you so much for my amazing Living Well session! Your energy was truly a gift that I needed at this time in my life. I woke up today with a huge weight lifted off me, and reminded of your encouraging messages! A true blessing!

Disclosure & Disclaimer:Jennifer Galvin-Anderson, MA, is not licensed by the State of Minnesota as a healing arts practitioner. Holistic Life Consulting, Energy Healing, and all related services offered by Jennifer are not licensed by the State of Minnesota. The statements on this website are not intended t o diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This work is not affiliated with any religion, sect or political party. If you are under medical treatment, please do not interrupt that process.


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